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Mrie: Oh I love him I do but honestly the uthor inserting themselves into the nrrtive thing it's just not my fvorite I kind hte the met stories Sm ∓ Den: Me too hs fetured number < href="/Met_Episodes" title="Met Episodes">Met Episodes most fmously < href=" ging_Chnnels" title=" Chnging Chnnels"> Chnging Chnnels nd < href=" _French_Mistke" title=" The French Mistke"> The French Mistke in which Sm nd Den hve not fred well Den: lright listen up girls you're ll here becuse you love "Mry": ctully I ws hoping we'd do Wicked Den: Yeh tht would hve. The show begins with “The Rod So Fr.” The screcrow ppers nd ttcks Sm They both dispper before Den cn rech them from the other side the stge Sm wkes to find himself locked in the bsement with Mrs Chndler nd Mggie Clliope ppers nd pins Sm to the wll She tells Sm tht this show ws something specil becuse the story's ctul inspirtion is here Despite the second ct with robots nd tentcles the show hs everything: life deth resurrection redemption but bove ll fmily ll set to music you cn relly tp your. Mrie: Wow Den: Yup Mrie: Tht is some the worst fnfiction I hve ever herd I men seriously where did your friend find this grbge? nd not sying tht ours is msterpiece or nything but jeez I'll hve to send you some fic links lter Mrie: It's ll my fult if I hdn't written this dumb ply none this would hve hppened Den: Oky well first ll the ply's not dumb Meve: I thought you didn't believe in this interprettion Den: Yeh I don't Like t ll But you do oky nd I need you to believe in it with ll you got So we cn kill Clliope nd sve ll your friends Cn you. This is n opportunity for femle fns to feel s their voices re being herd nd represented onscreen nd why stop there? Mybe the show could dd queer chrcter (or two) nd don't just ing one person color whole bunch them! In world where you cn literlly go to hell nd bck is tht too crzy to expect?  is the story two (supposedly) stright white men. Tribescn be the story the rest us  irs Tuesdys t 9/8c on The CW (Full Disclosure: is owned CBS one The CW's prent compnies.) Now young girl sits on couch on stge when prop ghost descends < href="/Mggie" title="Mggie">Mggie nd < href="/Siobhn" title="Siobhn">Siobhn enter the room plying Sm nd Den Winchester in the ply < href="/:_The_Musicl" title=": The Musicl">: The Musicl The director < href="/Mrie" title="Mrie">Mrie yells cut nd dmonishes Siobhn for not wering the < href="/Smulet" title="Smulet">Smulet Siobhn doesn't like to wer it becuse it keeps hitting her in the lip The techer < href=" er" title="Mrs Chndler">Mrs Chndler is tired the drm nd decides to end the ply However s she leves the uditorium she is ttcked nd disppers Mrie who hs decided the show must go on is worried bout the < href="/Title_crd" clss="mw-redirect" title="Title crd">title crd for.

Sm nd Den return to the school to investigte the new disppernce Sm sys they found the sme flower t both scenes Then Mrie tells them her story – tht she sw < href="/Screcrow_(Fn_Fiction)" title="Screcrow (Fn Fiction)">screcrow tke Mggie Sm nd Den tell them the truth nd while Mrie nd Meve don't believe they re the Winchesters they re willing to ccept tht monsters re rel Mrie then told them bout her version the screcrow for the ply nd they wonder if it is < href="/Tulp" title="Tulp">Tulp They decide to burn the screcrow in the hopes ending the problem Mrie nd Den hed to the boiler room to tke cre the screcrow nd Sm nd Meve continue to reserch the flower tht ws found t the scene fter burning the screcrow Sm deduces tht the monster the week is < href="/Clliope" title="Clliope">Clliope the Muse Clliope wnts the show to go on nd then she ets. Kristen/"iel": Yes I'll just -- wit. The ctress in the musicl doesn't wnt to wer the mulet s she sys it keeps hitting her lip This is wht Jensen sid in < href="/:_The_ficil_Compnion_Seson_5" title=": The ficil Compnion Seson 5">: The ficil Compnion. S Sm nd Den leve the uditorium Sm teses Den with the possible portteu like “Destiel” nd “Smstiel” They decide there isn't cse nd leve the school Lter tht evening Mggie wlks out the ply becuse she believes tht if it isn't cnon it should not be in the show nd she is going to go the principl bout ending the ply s she leves she is ttcked the sme monster tht took Mrs Chndler only this time Mrie sees the monster T lest on Tribes the fct Mrgo nd Violet re min implies they'll be llowed to live for decent mount time But in wht cpcity? Throughout 's nerly decde-long run I cn't remember episode tht pssed the < href=" /" trget="_blnk">Bechdel Test,  mens exmining gender bis onscreen This is something I've forgiven becuse the show hs singulr obsessive focus on Sm nd Den's reltionship but the sme won't hold true for the spin-f Yet the few detils known bout Tribes hint tht once gin these women's lives will be determined the ftes nd impulses the mle s hed her fmily Mrgo will seemingly tke on the "mother" role while Violet's only known chrcteristic is tht she's love interest for Mrgo's brother Dvid nd it's forbidden love t tht How originl? [Hnds him the Smulet prop] Den: It never relly worked I don't need symbol to remind me how I feel bout my brother Siobhn/"Den": You're right Smmy out on the rod just the two us Mrie/"Sm": The two us ginst. Then blnk computer screen begins typing " 'Pilot' creted < href="/Eric_Kripke" title="Eric Kripke">Eric Kripke." Meve: Did he just quote Rent? Mrie: Not enough to get us in trouble Den: Now you get out there nd kick it in. Den checks out the props for the ply nd then questions why "Sm" nd "Den" re stnding so close Mrie sys they re prcticing the B.M scene – the boy melodrm scene Den wnts to know why they re stnding so close together “Resons” responds Mrie coyly “You do know they're brothers?” Den queries He then deds they. Tgs: < href=" /ctegory/breking-news/">Breking News < href=" /ctegory/celebs/">Celebs < href=" /ctegory/cw/">CW Going on 10 sesons,  hs yet to find wy to tret femle well Generlly the women on  fll into one four ctegories:  lover mother dughter b---- Or to simplify even further: ded or so boring they might s well. Bckstge Den congrtultes Mrie on job well done He tells Mrie to keep writing becuse he hs his version the story but she lso hs hers s Den turns to leve Mrie dmonishes him for throwing wy the Smulet but Den responds tht he doesn't need symbol to remind him how he feels bout his brother However Den tkes the fke Smulet tht Mrie fers nd fter n exchnge "< href="/Bitch_Jerk" clss="mw-redirect" title="Bitch Jerk">Bitch Jerk," Den joins Sm to wtch the lst ct B.M moment occurs s "Sm" nd "Den" drive f in the < href="/Impl" title="Impl">Impl procliming it is “the two us ginst the world.” Sm looks t Den: “wht she sid.” The including dm sing “< href="/Crry_On_Wywrd_Son" title="Crry On Wywrd Son">Crry On Wywrd Son,” s Sm nd Den look wistfully on

The six chrcter descriptions < href=" /2014/02/02/-spinf---tribes-the-cw/" trget="_blnk">TVLine reported only two re femle nd neither give me hope women will fre better thn they did on  Tribes fetures Mrgo shpeshifter trying to led her fmily nd Violet welthy werewolf But bsed on 's history with femle it's not crzy to ssume Mrgo nd Violet will be relegted to side-pieces in the min mle-driven story lines < href="/News/-Chuck-Shurley-God- " trget="_blnk">: Will God return to help the Winchesters? The boys shre meningful look s Den hngs the fke Smulet on the rer view mirror nd then they drive f in the Impl Menwhile bck in the uditorium someone hs climed the ticket left for the publisher Mrie pproches the nd sks wht he thought the show < href="/Chuck" clss="mw-redirect" title="Chuck">Chuck replies “not bd.” Upon hering this Mrie pnics Even though Den doesn't believe in this interprettion he gives Mrie pep tlk nd she grees to move forwrd with the show Since Mggie is missing Mrie will ply Sm Menwhile Sm hs secured wepons wooden stkes to kill Clliope Mrie Den nd Sm inspect the before the show begins nd Den finds out tht < href="/Den%27s_mulet" clss="mw-redirect" title="Den's mulet">Den's mulet is clled the Smulet Sm sks bout Chuck but Mrie doesn't like including the uthor in the nrrtive She htes the met episodes to which Sm nd Den gree Den reitertes tht he doesn't gree with this version the story but he supports Mrie's vision nd tells the to “kick it in. Course like Collins the show's misogyny hsn't mde me stop loving the series (ginst my better morl judgment) But the spin-f is plce where producers cn right these wrongs giving us the kick-- femle led the  universe deserves I wnt to see women who don't hve to be protected "for their own good" or killed f becuse they threten the mcho nrrtive I wnt to see women who exist outside their reltionships to men I wnt to see women who the men respect nd listen to I wnt to see women I respect In short I wnt to see women who re everything the women on  re not. Chrlie (< href="/celebrities/felici-dy/193551/" trget="_blnk">Felici Dy) is the obvious exception to these rules becuse sdly it tkes wo being gy to be treted s equl to the boys Sheriff Jody Mills (< href="/celebrities/kim-rhodes/194831/" trget="_blnk">Kim Rhodes) who flls into the "mother" ctegory is lso llowed to survive (for now) while still mintining n ctul personlity Tht's becuse she like Chrlie doesn't pose ny thret to the brothers' bond Every other femle chrcter though? Den nd Mrie rrive in Mrs Chndler's fice nd Den sks bout the robot hed Mrie sys it is prt ct II nd even though there is no spce in Mrie sys her work is inspired Crver Edlund's books Den clls it wht it is: fn fiction Mrie sys she wrote her own ending becuse she didn't like how things were left t the end "Swn Song," but Den who clims to hve ccess to the unpublished works proceeds to tell her wht relly hppened Mrie lughs t wht she clls the worst fn fiction she hs ever herd Den then sees Siobhn nd Kristen s "Den" nd "iel" hugging Mrie sys they re couple in rel life but they do explore < href="/Destiel" clss="mw-redirect" title="Destiel">Destiel in.

Menwhile the show goes on "iel" sings “< href="/I%27ll_Just_Wit_Here_Then" title="I'll Just Wit Here Then">I'll Just Wit Here Then,” s Den nd Mrie wit for the screcrow to repper This is followed with “< href="/___" title=" "> ” Hlf-wy through the song the screcrow reppers Den ttcks him nd fight ensues s Den fights the screcrow on stge Mggie hits Clliope which llows Sm to grb the wooden stke nd stb Clliope t the sme time fter Den is thrown the screcrow Mrie s "Sm," grbs the wooden stke nd stbs the screcrow Both Clliope nd the screcrow burst into purple goo The udience gives stnding ovtion Mrie nd Siobhn tke bow Intermission It's not like  is creted in vcuum The producers re well wre the gender criticism yet continue to do nothing bout it Even str < href="/celebrities/mish-collins/259304" trget="_blnk">Mish Collins hs spoken out ginst 's tretment women, < href=" /wtch?v=Q8QlDxTnB_Y" trget="_blnk">referring to it s "grtuitously misogynistic" t New Jersey convention lst My "Why do they hve to sy 'b----' nd kill ll the women?" he sked the crowd to much ppluse Collins who's plyed iel since Seson 4 went on to sy  is "hteful to lot femle " nd dmitted tht its tretment women "mkes me cringe sometimes." < href="/news/-sm-vs-den-gifs-1060878/" trget="_blnk">Sm vs Den &mdsh; Who's the best Winchester? < href="/news/best---1073819/" trget="_blnk">The 10 best   But sdly even if these women re sidelined into thnkless rchetypes s long s they lst full seson Tribes will hve presented more consistent femle voice thn its predecessor ever hs On  the femle chrcter to pper in the most episodes ws Lis Den's pinfully dull ex-girlfriend who ws fetured in mesly 13 episodes ( will ner its 200th episode the end this seson) The show does hve high turnover rte for ny chrcter who isn't Winchester brother but it's importnt to note tht with the constnt chrcter resurrections on the show very few ded femles hve mde ppernces from beyond. Meve: I wnt to believe "I Wnt to Believe" ws the tgline for the TV series < href="/The_X-Files" title="The X-Files">The X-Files Den: We re wht the books cll hunters Meve: FBI hunters? Den: Yeh Meve: You guys re X-Files Den: There is nothing here to even remotely suggest there isn't cse Boom Sm: C'mon Sm: Wht? I ws theter kid Den: Brely You did Our Town which ws cool But Then you did tht crppy musicl Sm: Oklhom? Hugh Jck got f Oklhom Den: You rn tech Wolverine Sm:. The < href="/tvshows//192272/" trget="_blnk"> spin-f Tribes hs me nervous The min ttrction to the series hs lwys been the reltionship between Sm (< href="/celebrities/jred-pdlecki/193608" trget="_blnk">Jred Pdlecki) nd Den (< href="/celebrities/jensen-ckles/190143" trget="_blnk">Jensen ckles) But the chemistry between Pdlecki nd ckles will be impossible to replicte so I pplud Tribes' decision to not even try mking the spin-f n ensemble feturing both hu nd monster leds it sets itself prt from its predecessor Yet when it comes to femle I worry it's not going to be different enough. Downlod the TV Guide pp for iPhone iPd nd ndroid! Menwhile < href="/Den" clss="mw-redirect" title="Den">Den polishes B nd then tells < href="/Sm" clss="mw-redirect" title="Sm">Sm tht he hs found cse regrding missing techer Sm while skepticl (nd worried) grees to check. Mrie: Oh uh they're rehersing the "BM" scene Den: The bowel movement scene? Mrie: No the boy melodrm scene You know the scene where the boys get together nd their driving or lening ginst B drinking beer shring their feelings The two them lone but together -- bonded united the power their pin is- Den: Why re they stnding so close together? Mrie: Resons Den: You know they're brothers right Mrie: Well duh But subtext