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Coopers LANE PRIMARY SCHOOL London"Free Your Mind" A group of children are all identical in dress and movement They are shocked when a boy arrives who s in his own style and wears colourful clothing At first they shun him but over time he shows them that they too have colour within and that they can be happier by expressing themselves as individuals FOULD'S PRIMARY SCHOOL Barnet London"Hero - Born For A Purpose" Hooded jokers symbolise destruction in everyday life Emma just a child expresses our desire to be heroes and make a difference Discouraged by world problems Emma needs encouragement from an older and wiser person Consequently she sees and helps a need in her own world Emma learns to help change the world one person at a time little by little MOSS HALL JUNIOR SCHOOL Finchley London"Unforgiving World" Mayville HIGH SCHOOL Southsea Hampshire"" Theme not submitted at time of printing MEDINA HIGH SCHOOL Newport Isle of Wight"WW2" Our Global Rock piece explores the knock-on effect war has on so many people; not just the soldiers who fought in it but their wives children brothers and sisters How everyone helped to support and motivate each other during this difficult and unsure time Will there be a happy ending? MILL CHASE COMMUNITY TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE Bordon Hampshire"Trapped" Themes BALLARD SCHOOL New Milton Hampshire"Eco warriors under the sea" The beautiful peaceful environment of the coral reef is being slowly destroyed by pollutants released by humans every day A team of eco warriors arrive to clean up the mess left by people They rid the coral reef of harmful substances restoring it to its former beauty and saving the wildlife that lives there NORMAN GATE SCHOOL Andover Hampshire"Building Bridges" Themes BULLERS WOOD SCHOOL Chislehurst Kent (Showcasing Premier Team)"Don't Squander It!" In 1928 women in this country were granted the right to vote on the same terms as men The battle for suffrage has been a global pursuit and in parts of the world continues today Many have died that we may live in relative freedom The right to vote is a privilege so don't squander it CONVENT OF JESUS AND MARY LANGUAGE COLLEGE Brent London"" Theme not submitted at time of printing THEMES FINCHLEY CATHOLIC BOYS' HIGH SCHOOL Finchley London"Have. With Dionysus she was the mother of Oenopion the personification of wine Staphylus (related to grapes) Thoas Peparethus Phanus Eurymedon Enyeus Ceramus Maron Euanthes Latramys and Tauropolis.[7] Her wedding diadem was set in the heavens as the constellation Corona Borealis The primitive aspect of the cult at Amathus in this account would appear to be much older than the Athenian-sanctioned shrine of Aphrodite who has assumed Ariadne (hagne "sacred") as an epithet at Amathus Winton SCHOOL Andover Hampshire"The. She eloped with Theseus after he achieved his goal but according to Homer "he had no joy of her for ere that Artemis slew her in seagirt Dia because of the witness of Dionysus" (Odyssey XI 321-5) Homer does not expand on the nature of Dionysus's accusation but the Oxford Classical Dictionary speculates that she was already married to Dionysus when she ran away with Theseus Themes GEORGE ABBOT SCHOOL Guildford Surrey"Factory Overload" Welcome to the G.A.S factory of the future where individualism is extracted and s are cloned to conform to social uniformity Unique personality has been removed and the aim to look act and move like society?s ?Icons? is enforced It is only when the ?Icons? revolt that we see a factory overload KING ALFRED'S COMMUNITY AND SPORTS COLLEGE Wantage Oxfordshire"Fiction. Glenmoor SCHOOL Bournemouth Dorset"Reality TV gone mad!" Fact - The average person under 18 spends a minimum of 4 hours in front of the TV everyday Fact - In 2007 it was discovered that 1 in 7 UK teenagers hopes to gain fame by appearing on reality back and tune into the explosion of reality TV and remember your vote can make a difference HIGHCLIFFE SCHOOL EXPRESSIVE ARTS TEAM Christchurch Dorset"It's life but not as we know it!" Other creatures other worlds A time when we want there to be something ?out there? so much better than what we?ve ended up with There is! So we need to understand capture control and destroy Live as we do as one we are one all part of the same machine: capture control and destroy KINGS HIGH SCHOOL Bournemouth Dorset"Perfectly Imperfect" Source:[15] Gillshill PRIMARY SCHOOL Hull"CHOOSE A LIFE DROP THE KNIFE" Through our work in SEAL and PHSCE we explored the concepts of similarities and differences focusing on how violence can destroy lives of those we love Two gangs struggle for power until a tragedy makes them realise we must live in harmony We invite you to join us in our of 'Chose a Life Drop the Knife!' LONGHILL PRIMARY SCHOOL Hull"Olympic Games" Longhill Primary School will be carrying out a performance about the Olympic Games We will be portraying many of the events that take place at the Olympics and will be showing how the Olympics began in Greece and in 2012 will be taking place in London MAYBURY PRIMARY SCHOOL Hull"Our Unique Earth" Worle SCHOOL Weston Super Mare North Somerset"" South HOLDERNESS TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE Preston Hull (Premier Team)"You only have life time to make the difference!!!" Nelson THOMLINSON SCHOOL Wigton Cumbria"Be careful what you wish for" Wishes dreams hopes and aspirations allow us to step out of reality and embark on journeys into the perfect life Can idealist images of beauty fame and fortune be fulfilled or is this fabulous vision simply a fantasy disguising loneliness hurt and devastation? So one thing to remember: be careful what you wish for because you might just get it RICHARD ROSE CENTRAL ACADEMY Carlisle Cumbria"Superstition" Themes AIREDALE HIGH SCHOOL THE ARTS COLLEGE Castleford West Yorkshire"Inspire" An exploration of the creativity and inspiration of one of the world's finest sculptors Henry Moore lived a full life his experiences having a great impact on his work making him one of the most innovative artists of the 20th Century BRIGSHAW HIGH SCHOOL AND LANGUAGE COLLEGE Castleford West Yorkshire"Working 9 to 5" Our theme for Rock Challenge is "Working 9 to 5" and the different jobs involved in everyday life You will see a variety of work environments and how people unwind after a stressful day at work We chose this theme because we thought it represented how work influences the world around us We hope you enjoy our performance LIVERPOOL COLLEGE Liverpool"Riches to Rags - Crime Doesn't Pay" Crewno details THEMES BRYNMAWR SCHOOL Newport Gwent"Reuban Cantu - An Innocent Man" Texas executed its fifth teenage offender at 22 minutes after midnight on August 24th 1993 Our performance is based on a case of an innocent person being wrongly accused for a crime he did not commit Reuban stated ?I am only 17 years old I got to 9th grade and I have been framed? CHURCHILL COMMUNITY FOUNDATION SCHOOL AND SIXTH FORM COLLEGE Churchill North Somerset"Silent Voices" St MARY'S COLLEGE Hull"That's Entertainment" Two Granddads and their grand-children discuss what entertainment is This performance takes a journey through the iconic years of entertainment to the present day Along the way we meet stars of the stage and screen and finish with a glimpse at what is now classified as entertainment ST MICHAEL'S YOUTH PROJECT Hull"Alice's Wonderland?!" Alice is a teenager facing issues of substance misuse - alcohol smoking drugs etc Follow Alice and others into their "Wonderland" of illusion and see what decision Alice makes and the influence and wonders that she will discover on her journey WILBERFORCE COLLEGE Hull"Somewhere" Plutarch in his vita of Theseus which treats him as a historical individual reports that in the Naxos of his day an earthly Ariadne was separate from a celestial one: Some of the Naxians also have a story of their own that there were two Minoses and two Ariadnes one of whom they say was married to Dionysos in Naxos and bore him Staphylos and his brother and the other of a later time having been carried off by Theseus and then abandoned by him came to Naxos accompanied by a nurse named Korkyne whose tomb they show; and that this Ariadne also. Testbourne COMMUNITY SCHOOL Whitchurch Hampshire"Think You Know Us?" Walking down a school corridor people see an easy world to understand from "chavs" to "geeks" to the "popular s" This stereotyping is mirrored in the world of with "ballerinas" and "street" rs We are judged before anyone gets to know us You have 8 minutes to see the real us it may not be what you expect! THE THOMAS HARDYE SCHOOL Dorchester Dorset"K'R-CHING" Money makes the world go round or can it make it stop? Guiding you through the Roaring Twenties hitting the Wall Street Crash whizzing through the rise and fall of Eighties Materialism and landing here today with the Credit Crunch Join in this Game of Life and discover do we have control of money or does it control us? LYTCHETT MINSTER SCHOOL Poole Dorset Premier Team"This is my statement " Itchen COLLEGE Southampton Hampshire"Lucid Dreams" When you sleep at night where does you imagination take you? Are you in control? Can you manipulate the events your sub-conscious the outcomes? Discover a hidden world where anything is possible a place with no rules and no laws Discover who you are So are you a lucid dreamer? MANDEVILLE SCHOOL Aylesbury Buckinghamshire"Who?s to blame?" The new figures indicate that in the year 2007-8 there were some 277 deaths from stabbings in England & Wales alone So who is to blame for Britain?s knife-crime epidemic? Is it the fault of gang culture? Is it the fault of the Government? Or does fault ultimately lie with parents for failing to teach a stronger moral code? MAYFIELD SCHOOL Portsmouth Hampshire"Congestion" Carisbrooke HIGH SCHOOL Newport Isle of Wight"These Violent Delights" "These violent delights have violent ends And in their triumph die like fire and powder Which as they kiss consume." (Act 2 Scene 6) The forcefulness of love as a brutal powerful emotion that captures individuals and catapults them against their world and at times against themselves CHENEY SCHOOL Headington Oxfordshire"Our Heroes" Tonight our piece explores how heroes inspire and influence our lives Whether they are everyday or out of this world we all have a hero! And most importantly we can all be a hero! Who is yours? CHICHESTER COLLEGE Chichester West Sussex"Consequences" Themes BAYSGARTH SCHOOL Barton-Upon-Humber North Lincolnshire"Take me out!" The whisky is watered down tension fills the air the rs have seen better days Along with cards and guns they help distract desperate men from committing desperate acts The good folk of Calamity know that a barbaric act of violence will unleash anger from their native neighbours Can peace and harmony be stronger than the bullet and the arrow? COSTESSEY HIGH SCHOOL New Costessey Norwich"The Shadow. Winchmore SCHOOL Winchmore Hill London"Toy Seen!" Seevic COLLEGE Benfleet Essex"When We Walk ?" We each leave our print on the planet a cause and effect of our existence However our traces are beginning to show We need to stop wasting energy and protect our atmosphere and the place we call our own Take notice of our footprints our carbon footprints We Walk Do you ? STEVENAGE SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP Stevenage Hertfordshire - No show THE HEMEL HEMPSTEAD SCHOOL Hemel Hempstead HertfordshireTheme for the website expected from the school later ?" THE WYE VALLEY SCHOOL Bourne End Buckinghamshire"Happily. Lipson COMMUNITY COLLEGE Plymouth Devon"On The Edge" Stretch is the new lad in school and life isn't easy for him The school is already divided by two rival crews and when Stretch gets involved with a from the other side things get nasty Too many young people take the wrong path in life; it doesn't have to be this way THE ANGMERING SCHOOL Angmering West Sussex"The Boy in a White Room" He hasn't spoken for three days,The words almost choking him with their hostility and accusation,The walls echo with unheard laughter and mindless whispers,But he cannot bring himself to escape back into sleep,Based on a poem this piece explores how the boy becomes a prisoner of the white room this white intoxicating environment that?s keeping him captive QUEEN MARY'S COLLEGE Basingstoke Hampshire"SOLDIER 7823" The NEW RICKSTONES ACADEMY Witham Essex"Reality Fights" What are the causes and effects of a young person choosing to carry a weapon? Our piece takes the life of one boy on a semi narrative exploration of two parallel lives taken from today's culture and the 1960s resulting in a surreal and subversive dreamscape where the line between reality and fantasy is well and truly blurred TRING SCHOOL Tring Hertfordshire"Under Pressure" Our production is based on the many pressures that students face today We try and show the three main pressures: exams body image and social pressure Rather than in just a mental capacity our pressure comes alive into a physical force Our students take us through the journey of a school day and the pressures they feel VANDYKE UPPER SCHOOL Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire"Fair world-. Haven HIGH TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE Boston Lincolnshire (NEW SCHOOL)"Rock Universe" Our theme of "Space" combines the visions of the Be Your Foundation and UNESCO's "International Year of Astronomy 2009" Both visions share the idea of a future full of health wonder and shining opportunities Our piece embraces these visions through carefully selected music representing the five elements of the universe: the sun planets moons asteroids and comets JOHN SPENDLUFFE TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE Alford Lincolnshire (NEW SCHOOL)"Love and Loss" This piece illustrates how people do not realise how much they love someone or something until it is gone It shows the love and loss of everyday life and the impact on those who are left behind People can be torn apart by love just as much as loss KING EDWARD VI HUMANITIES COLLEGE Spilsby Lincolnshire (NEW SCHOOL)"Life" St STEPHEN?S CE PRIMARY SCHOOL London"" Theme not submitted at time of printing WOODCROFT PRIMARY SCHOOL Edgware London"Not Just a Graffer" The CREW For UKRC: David Beal (Stage Manager) Ben and Dan Mcready (Assistant Stage Managers) Tim Macfarlane (Event Manager) Stuart MacGregor (Community Development Manager) Michelle Hiller (Production Assistant)and Zoie Golding (UKRC Producer);From Tega: Graham Roberts (Lx) and Ed Coupland (Fx)From Visions Unlimited: Tracy Dart (fixed + mix) and Rob Morphew (roving camera);Volunteers: Andy Walker Gemma Morgan Rod Weston Wendy and JohnPresenters: David and Caroline of the 2CR FM Breakfast show The CENTRAL TECHNOLOGY AND SPORTS COLLEGE Grantham Lincolnshire"Dream of the Fun Fair" A young boy tries to get into the fun fair but is turned away by the ticket master However the boy manages to sneak inside as the fair opens He is amazed at what he sees; acrobats sweets and magical rides Suddenly there is a blackout and the boy finds himself in his bedroom has it been a dream ? KESTEVEN AND GRANTHAM S' SCHOOL Grantham Lincolnshire (Premier Team)"Bollywood Nights" Cox GREEN SCHOOL Maidenhead Berkshire (Showcasing Premier Team)"The Little Ships" When the call came they were waiting When the call came they wentA community in the heart of Britain sends its bravest to war but as Hitler's army advances the troops are trapped on the beaches of France We consider the evacuation of over 300,000 troops from Dunkirk a 'miracle of deliverance' Was it military disaster or propaganda victory? DOWNSIDE MIDDLE SCHOOL Newport Isle of Wight"Davison's Derby" The Derby - the world's most famous horse race In 1913 it wasn't just a horse race it was a race where society's elite turned up including the royal family The race attracted large crowds; it was the perfect place to demonstrate for one's beliefs with deeds not words and make the ultimate sacrifice MAYFIELD C OF E MIDDLE SCHOOL Ryde Isle. Crewno details yet THEMES ALAMEDA MIDDLE SCHOOL AND REDBORNE UPPER SCHOOL Ampthill Bedfordshire"SEASON'S SORROW" Greek Gods Zeus Poseidon and Hades rule over all Earth and Heavens Zeus and Demeter bear a daughter Persephone who is abducted by Hades and trapped in the Underworld The Earth dies until Persephone is returned and Summer blooms But at the same time each year Hades takes her back and the Earth turns to Winter Hence our changing seasons BRIMSHAM GREEN SCHOOL Yate Bristol"The Credit Crunch" Galley HILL PRIMARY SCHOOL Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire (Showcasing Junior Team)"Roald Dahl's Cinderella" Darling little Cinderella was locked up in the slimy cellar She bellowed "Help" and "Let me out" The magic fairy heard her shout and quickly in no time at all Cindy was at the palace ball I guess you think you know this story You don't The real one's much more gory TUDOR PRIMARY SCHOOL Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire (Showcasing Junior Team)"The diversity of. Themes ARBROATH ACADEMY Arbroath Angus"In Seventh Heaven?" Rhianne is in the nightclub "Seventh Heaven" and is offered drugs Everyone in the club says "no" but the pressure is too much for Rhianne who gives in to temptation Her life then goes into a downward spiral and she loses everything including her friends If Rhianne is given the chance to go back will she make the same mistake? ELLON ACADEMY Ellon Aberdeenshire"Web Of Lies" Lies deception dishonesty Lies tear us up inside For our politician his life?s work falls apart when his wife and son tell lies twisting and distorting the truth Lies the evil of our kind weave their way into every person?s mind through the media Don?t let lies over run don?t let them stay and haunt you We want the truth FRASERBURGH ACADEMY Fraserburgh Aberdeenshire"Be Proud" Ariadne (Etruscan: Areatha) is paired with Dionysus (Etruscan: Fufluns) on engraved bronze Etruscan bronze mirrorbacks where the Athenian culture-hero Theseus is absent and Semele (Etruscan: Semla) as mother of Dionysus may accompany the pair,[13] lending a particularly Etruscan air[14] of family authority Themes BISHOP OF WINCHESTER COMPREHENSIVE Bournemouth Dorset"Dream State" Young people are constantly bombarded with temptations of a negative nature drink drugs the pressure of the media to conform The impact of this pressure is so severe it comes into a teenager's dream space BOURNEMOUTH SCHOOL FOR S Bournemouth Dorset"ChildHood" This is a portrayal of how children's use of the street has changed over the years from innocent games of skipping hopscotch conkers and dancing to more sinister past-times Our theme depicts changing lifestyles and how gang warfare and knife violence are sadly the games of the once young and innocent CORFE HILLS SCHOOL Poole Dorset"Slavery Isn't History" Havant COLLEGE Havant Hampshire"All for One" We soldiers marched off to battle leaving our dearest behind We fought as a team a unit Now we are no longer soldiers but prisoners of war As we're questioned and beaten we think of those we dutifully left at home What effect does this have on them? Are our captors forced into this? Will we ever be free again? HORNDEAN TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE Portsmouth Hampshire"Shall We ?" Why do we choose to ? Cultural? Spiritual? Dialogue between performer and audience which transcends the boundaries of language? Can we answer such questions? Or is it simply down to our own interpretations? Join us in our interpretation of as a form of escapism a personal challenge part of everyday life and purely for enjoyment! So Shall We ? MATTHEW ARNOLD SCHOOL Oxford Oxfordshire"Dreams" Woodlands COMMUNITY COLLEGE Southampton Hampshire"Raw Fear" Have you ever had that feeling like your dream is real? Have you woken breathless from a nightmare scared? Still! A young 's dream becomes a reality nightmare in this horror tale A dark mysterious character raises the dead from hell In a grave attempt to bring himself back to life The children seek freedom a future free of strife. Themes BALLEE COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL Ballymena County Antrim"The Family Portrait" There's nothing more special than being a part of a family that listens and comforts and cares And nothing more special or dear to the heart than the feelings of love that a family shares Family ties are precious threads no matter where we roam They draw us close to those we love and pull our hearts back home BELFAST MODEL SCHOOL FOR S Belfast"Believe" The wicked Snow Queen & her Demons create & smash an evil magic mirror then scatter the tiny pieces so that they pierce the eyes & hearts of children turning them cold & cruel inside Jodie loses her friend Aaron to the Snow Queen & must somehow find the belief in herself to save him Who can help her believe? CAMBRIDGE HOUSE GRAMMAR SCHOOL Ballymena County Antrim"The Domino Effect" Tupton HALL SCHOOL Chesterfield Derbyshire"" Theme not submitted at time of printing WILSTHORPE BUSINESS AND ENTERPRISE COLLEGE Long Eaton Nottinghamshire"Choices" The theme is 'Choices' To choose whether to lead a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle or to choose drugs and or alcohol Our inspiration came from Irvin Welsh's "Trainspotting" and the students have designed and constructed powerful images to communicate their ideas Using original music and drama the students have worked together to create a strong message "Choose life" RAWLETT COMMUNITY SPORTS COLLEGE Tamworth Staffordshire - PREMIER SHOWCASE"Kiss. Themes ALDWORTH SCIENCE COLLEGE Basingstoke Hampshire"Lost within the sound of time" The past century has been an incredible journey from sound technology live radio and talking films in the 1920s to television in the 1930s and discos and raves in the 1980s Can you imagine if these technologies never existed?Imagine no music no beat no song Imagine a world with no sound How would you feel? CAROLINE CHISHOLM SCHOOL Northampton Northamptonshire"Happily ever after A modern day. In a kylix by the painter Aison (c 425 – c 410 BCE)[11] Theseus drags the Minotaur from a temple-like labyrinth but the goddess who attends him in this Attic representation is Athena Sproatley ENDOWED CE PRIMARY SCHOOL Sproatley East Riding of Yorkshire"King Nebuchadnezzar learns a lesson" On the playground we may face pressures from bullies In the Bible three friends faced pressure from King Nebuchadnezzar They were commanded to worship the King and his statue They refused Standing firm in their beliefs God saved them from dying in the fiery furnace Nebuchadnezzar realised that being a bully was not as powerful as holding on to your beliefs. Themes CHRIST THE KING COLLEGE Newport Isle of Wight"Ballad of the blade" Strong passions are part of teenage life from the adrenaline-fuelled aggression of knife crime created when insult drives revenge to the devotion of first love and how unrequited love produces vicious deadly jealousy Those who love even the young know the unbearable despair of loss and the grief that leads us to lose the will to live COSTELLO TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE Basingstoke Hampshire"Injustice? It. Thornton GRAMMAR SCHOOL Bradford West Yorkshire (Premier Team)"Pure Imagination" Welcome my friends please step forward into a land of wonder You will see everyone?s favourite non-pollutionary anti-institutionary pro-confectionery factory of fun where our dreams become realities and our realities become dreams ! You will be hypnotised by wonder and led astray by greed Will it be a scrumdiddlyumptious adventure? Hold tight you never know what might happen CREWNot yet Oakmead COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY Bournemouth Dorset"Fur Goodness Sake" Set in NYC and China we explore the fur farm industry We see the animals in their habitat captured and forced to endure the brutality of the fur farmers We highlight society's ignorance wearing fur in the city influenced by the catwalk We pose the question is fur farming ethical and if we had more information would we care? QUEEN ELIZABETH'S SCHOOL Wimborne Minster Dorset"Deja vu" Have we learned anything from our past?The images of the past Century come to life but where does yesterday end and tomorrow begin? What will the photograph of 2009 tell the generations of tomorrow? ST PETER'S CATHOLIC SCHOOL Bournemouth Dorset"Clone Alone" Themes CHESHAM PARK COMMUNITY COLLEGE Chesham Buckinghamshire"MELTDOWN" Meltdown shows how the breakdown of a family unit can emotionally affect teenagers This piece shows two distressed families where parents split as a result of alcohol abuse and domestic violence This leaves their teenage children frustrated and isolated depending on their growing friendship and the support of their friends to carry them through this traumatic period of their life DENBIGH SCHOOL Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire"Can science solve our problems?" It is a fool who plays it cool by making his world a little colder With each day that passes we are no wiser but still older Science can show us the way but it is only us who can follow Now the heat brings floods and with them even more sorrow HERTSWOOD SCHOOL Borehamwood Hertfordshire"In. Themes ALLINGTON WITH SEDGEBROOK CHURCH OF ENGLAND PRIMARY SCHOOL Grantham Lincolnshire (NEW SCHOOL)"Breaking Free" The performance is based on the concept of having the confidence to be yourself Our starts with a group of children who are uniform in their actions The costumes chosen reflect their lack of individuality One child breaks free and proves to others that it is good to have your own identity to break free and follow your dreams AMBERGATE SPORTS COLLEGE Grantham Lincolnshire"Jungle Party" A jungle party ! When we try our hardest we can do the impossible BELMONT PRIMARY SCHOOL Grantham Lincolnshire"Global Stomp" John MADEJSKI ACADEMY Reading Berkshire"Redemption" Tina seems to have lost her way lying in a coma after a fatal accident that deep down she knows she shouldn't have been involved in As she slips away she is haunted by the seven deadly sins Can she wake up in time to see the error of her ways and lead her on the path to redemption? PORTSMOUTH COLLEGE "" Theme not submitted at time of printing PRINCES RISBOROUGH SCHOOL Aylesbury Berkshire"Twisted Consequences" Crewno details THEMES CLEEVE SCHOOL Cheltenham Gloucestershire"Cleeve's Got Talent: a Tragedy" We are proud to present our production It tackles the issues of teenage life such as drink driving the need to perform well under pressure and facing the consequences when things don't go your way By combining aspects of break bollywood jazz modern and ballet we have created an incredibly thought-provoking piece COX GREEN SCHOOL Maidenhead Berkshire (Open Team)"The in the. Walton HIGH Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire"Yes. Howden SPORTS PARTNERSHIP (Barmby on the Marsh Eastrington Gilberdyke and Newport Primary Schools) East Riding of Yorkshire"The Amazon" Is TIME running out for the Indians and Wildlife of the rainforest or are we as the developed world just in TIME to change our ways and save The Amazon from being no more ? That is the BURNING question INMANS PRIMARY SCHOOL Hedon East Riding of Yorkshire"Together we Divided we Fall" Leaving the comfort zone of the primary school we are faced with many new emotions: confusion excitement not knowing which path to take feeling the need to be perfect not fitting in or liking the reflection you see: teenage life is a part of things to come If we together we can overcome all changes and believe PRESTON PRIMARY SCHOOL Preston East Riding of Yorkshire"Hands are Not for Hitting" St EDWARD'S SCHOOL Poole Dorest"The Modern Frankenstein" Our theme examines the link between Victor Frankenstein's quest to create a man-made being and the modern epidemic of cosmetic surgery Is our pursuit for aesthetic perfection preventing us to see what lies beneath our skin? Have we stopped appreciating each other for who we are and instead are we more concerned with what we look like? THE HOLLYFIELD SCHOOL Surbiton Surrey"The Door" Three children embark on an accidental adventure after stumbling across a magical door The creatures they meet whilst different live in harmony with each other sharing a sense of unity pride and allegiance to their way of life The inquisitive nature of the children shows how strong this bond is when the creatures have to reclaim what is theirs THE PETERSFIELD SCHOOL Petersfield Hampshire (Showcasing Premier Team)"ssh OUT" Chamberlayne COLLEGE FOR THE ARTS Southampton Hampshire"This is Rock 'n Roll" Sex drugs and rock and roll as the saying goes Being a rock star may look cool but there is a dark side too Temptations hard to resist and ending up in situations that are hard to get out of The lives of the rich and famous; do they really have it all? LEALANDS HIGH SCHOOL Luton Bedfordshire"Identity" It's a new school day as the students arrive they notice something has changed Four new bodies have entered their lives Trying to find out where you belong is a hard task our new pupils see that life is divided into looks and style Venturing into the unknown they accidentally start to break down the barriers of separation PETER SYMONDS COLLEGE Winchester Southampton"The Broken Mirror" Little FLOWER S? SCHOOL Belfast"The Brain Game" Every young person is faced with choices and moral dilemmas on a daily basis Often they are influenced by their peers or the media to take a path that conflicts with their better judgment "The Brain Game" depicts the confusion and internal conflict of young people who are faced with the choice between what is popular and what is right ST COLUMBA'S COLLEGE Portaferry County Down"Are. Themes BARNWELL BUSINESS AND ENTERPRISE COLLEGE Stevenage Hertfordshire"Sex & Drugs & Rock'n'Roll ? (Warning: Stardom can seriously damage your health" What does our fascination with the stars reveal about who we want to be what constitutes success and what it might mean to live the good life? A brief history of "Sex & Drugs & Rock'n'Roll" suggests that the biggest drug might be stardom itself How can we celebrate talent and inspiration without glamorising the unnatural high ? Theme not submitted at time of printing BAYLIS COURT SCHOOL Slough Berkshire"Simunye: We. Written Awards may be posted later the Rock Challenge Award for Student Leadership the Humberside Police Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness the Be Your Foundation Award for Media Management the Rock Challenge Award for School Community Support the Be Your Foundation Award for Healthy Lifestyle the Rock Challenge Award for Cultural and Educational Achievement THEMES BUDE AND CLEEVE PRIMARY SCHOOLS Hull"Tomorrow's sporting heroes" Themes BEACON HILL COMMUNITY SCHOOL Aspatria Cumbria"Fight for Cair Paravel" Four young adventurers playing in a country house stumble upon an enchanted wardrobe that takes them to places they never dreamed of Stepping through the door they are whisked into the parallel universe known as Narnia ? a land of magical proportions where animals talk and mythological creatures roam?Once there they find themselves fighting for freedom for their new friends LOWTON HIGH SCHOOL Warrington Cheshire"" Theme not submitted at time of printing MAYFIELD SPECIAL SCHOOL Whitehaven Cumbria"Roald Dahl use your imagination!" Davison HIGH SCHOOL FOR S Worthing West Sussex (Premier Showcasing Team)"The Impossibility of Forgetting" Kathe Kollwitz had a long talk with her son when he decided to volunteer for the war She gave him her blessing and then regretted it for the rest of her life The news of his death came late in 1914 and of course the devastation of that loss was something that she as an artist tried to translate into her art. Sandown HIGH SCHOOL Sandown Isle of Wight"The Hidden Institution since the Dawn of Civilisation" We are offering an overview of slavery around the world and through history The black Africans who were sold the prisoners of war who were forced to build the Burma Thailand railways and despite slavery being abolished in 1833 throughout our modern world young s are forced into prostitution while children work in sweatshops producing goods for the Western world ST GEORGE'S SCHOOL Newport Isle of Wight"Everyone's a Winner" No matter who you are where you come from in the world if you are black white rich or poor it's the taking part that matters and everyone's a winner THE ROMSEY COMMUNITY SCHOOL Romsey Hampshire"Chasing Expression" Wyvern TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE Eastleigh Hampshire"" Theme not submitted at time of printing Ulidia INTEGRATED COLLEGE County Antrim Northern Ireland"" Theme not submitted at time of printing ASHFIELD S? HIGH SCHOOL Belfast"Wishful Thinking" Tong HIGH SCHOOL Bradford West Yorkshire"Don?t believe what you read in the papers" Kemnay ACADEMY Kemnay Aberdeenshire"Smells like teen spirits" As many of our committee members are at the driving age we have become more aware of the responsibility of driving We realise the dangers of driving with friends especially with the added pressure of giving peers lifts home Our performance tells the story of a who's night out didn't go to plan MACKIE ACADEMY Stonehaven Kincardineshire"Respect: It's Elementary" Our Rock Challenge addresses the issue of the environment and man's disrespect for planet Earth The message that we are trying to portray in our performance is that of the unparalleled strength of Mother Nature We feel it is time that we all realised that we are guests on this planet and should treat it with the respect it deserves PETERHEAD ACADEMY Peterhead Aberdeenshire"Written In. Park COMMUNITY SCHOOL Leigh Park Hampshire"2 tuff 2 2 -2" My life sucks why won't they just be happy for me?Mum's nagging Dad's moaning Why can't I live my dreams and live my life?I don't just wanna be the trouble and strife.I want a life that rocks!So please just let me ! THE TOYNBEE SCHOOL"" Theme not submitted at time of printing WEYDON RIDGEWAY COMMUNITY SCHOOL Farnham Surrey"The Rainforest" Peace in the deep lush green rainforest is destroyed when the lumberjacks bring devastation to the trees and animals Can anybody save the rainforest before it?s too late?! SOUTH DOWNS COLLEGE Waterlooville Hampshire (Showcasing Premier Team)"Fembots" Taunton's COLLEGE Southampton Hampshire"Swan Lake - An Artificial Reality" Every child has an imaginary friend But what if your only companion was a figment of your imagination? Your drug-fuelled imagination! A lonely teenager falls in love with a stranger she meets at a party and will do anything to see him again But how severe are the consequences of keeping this love alive? Addiction? Sanity? Or life itself? THE MOUNTBATTEN SCHOOL A Language and Sports College Romsey Hampshire"Misunderstood" Kings MILL SCHOOL Driffield East Riding of Yorkshire"Sliding Doors" In life we make choices; which road to take which path to walk which door to open The choices you make may be good or bad but it is up to you which choice to make This performance is based just around that so let's make the right choice and hold on to the good things in life WOLDGATE COLLEGE Pocklington East Riding of Yorkshire"Outside In" Gemma is a typical teenager who faces the challenge of being accepted as she struggles to fit in Set in a world that is often superficial will she succumb to peer pressure or will she find her own strength and identity ? DRIFFIELD SCHOOL Driffield East Riding of Yorkshire"Around the World in. Ryeish GREEN SCHOOL Reading Berkshire"GIA" Gia was America's first supermodel She soon has a choice to make - her lover or drugs Gia chooses drugs and soon her life spirals out of control Gia was the world's first woman to be diagnosed with HIV and die of an AIDS-related illness SIR JOHN COLFOX SCHOOL AND WEYMOUTH COLLEGE Bridport Dorset"Chained " Many children are forced into employment whether their families are ill poor or they are born into this lifestyle They work long days sometimes over 56 hours per week and some don't get paid These children are seen as cheap material although they are the true working cogs of the industry Can they be unchained from this way of living? SOMERTON MIDDLE SCHOOL Cowes Isle of Wight"1492 Conquest of Paradise?" The GREEN WAY PRIMARY SCHOOL Hull"Small Footprints" As a green school we are looking at ways to provide a more sustainable approach as over the year?s mankind has not looked after our planet Although we are only small we are doing our to ensure that our bit of the world is protected so that future generations will be able to enjoy it VICTORIA DOCK PRIMARY SCHOOL Hull""Under the Sea"" We have been thinking about the environment especially under the sea Coral reefs are being slowly destroyed by pollution and global warming and we wanted to celebrate life amongst the reefs under the sea WHEELER PRIMARY SCHOOL Hull"Move. St BEDE'S CATHOLIC SCIENCE COLLEGE Boston Lincolnshire (NEW SCHOOL)"Bede's Expect Respect" In a story about the desire to be respected for "who you are" and not "what you are" Boston has been split in two ! The s fighting for glamour and the boys desperate to be idolised but as Romeo and Juliet goes - boy meets they fall in love Can their love reunite the youth of Boston ? THE CREW THE CREW David Beal (Stage Manager) Anthony ("Ants") Sweetman (Assistant Stage Manager) Tim Macfarlane (Event Manager) and Stuart MacGregor (Business Development Manager);From Tega: Tony Jennings (Lx) and Tom Mumby (Fx);From Visions Unlimited: Tracy Dart (mix and camera 2) and Rob Morphew (roving camera 3);From the Embassy Theatre: Keith Stallard and Mick;Volunteers: Tom Gale (runner) Wendy (merchandise). Crew:no details THEMES BLESSED HUGH FARINGDON CATHOLIC SCHOOL Reading Berkshire"" Theme not submitted at time of printing CRICKHOWELL HIGH SCHOOL Powys Wales"UNDER PRESSURE" I am a teenager I feel manipulated What choices? What subjects? What am I good at? If I try if I do my I can succeed No-one can do everything but everyone can do something FARNHAM HEATH END SCHOOL Farnham Surrey"Stabbing Pains" Themes BARTON PEVERIL COLLEGE Eastleigh Hampshire"" Theme not submitted at time of printing BITTERNE PARK SECONDARY SCHOOL Southampton Hampshire"Certification" Everyone loves a good film but to what extent are we being influenced? Underage viewing is illegal and certificates are in place to protect young minds 'Certification' takes the audience through a journey of popular films from U to 15 depicting a snapshot from each Our piece states a simple but powerful message - enjoy film but stick to your certificate SIR WILLIAM RAMSAY SCHOOL High Wycombe Buckinghamshire"Leading Ladies" Portchester COMMUNITY SCHOOL Portchester Hampshire"Lest We Forget" We've all lost someone dear to usSaid goodbye with some regretOn 9/11 some were taken before their time Stop and think lest we forget PURBROOK PARK SCHOOL Waterlooville Hampshire (Showcasing Premier Team)"Bombay Dreams : Mumbai Nightmares" There was nowhere to hide nowhere to runThey locked all the doors pulled out a gunThe fear in the air terror in the crowdThe sights were horrific the gunshots so loudOn November 26th 2008 terrorists began a series of coordinated attacks across Mumbai Our piece honours the 173 people that were brutally murdered during those events THE GRANGE SCHOOL Christchurch Dorset"The Ocean's Wish" Ryde HIGH SCHOOL Ryde Isle of Wight (Showcasing Premier Team)"Just Desserts" During Marie Antoinette's reign of 1775 to 1792 poverty in France was at its worst The starving peasants furious with their Queen pleaded for help but selfish Antoinette supposedly dismissed their begging Story has it that the weak rebelled and over-powered the Queen's court Haunted by guilt and the skeletons of her friends Marie Antoinette awaits her Just Desserts SANDHAM MIDDLE SCHOOL Sandown Isle of Wight"BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! BE YOURSELF!" Torry ACADEMY Aberdeen Aberdeenshire"Are You Ready For Love?" Domestic violence will affect one in four women in their lifetime Most victims will remain silent in fear of the consequences and uncertain of the options Our performance follows a young woman in search of love only to find Mister Wrong What are her options? TURRIFF ACADEMY Turriff Aberdeenshire"Gang and Knife Culture in Schools" Our performance is an insight into the world of a pupil who is affected by gang culture and violence Through we show the separations that are caused by stereotypes and the extremes to which someone can go when pushed We then rewind to see an alternative outcome to show there is room for everyone in today?s society. Themes DURRINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Worthing West Sussex"Caged bound and restricted" The demise from normality to perceived madness focussing on Louis Wain a 20th century artist committed to a mental hospital for his strange behaviour Has society progressed since the days of lunatic asylums or are people's views beliefs and behaviour still caged bound and restricted ? MILLAIS SCHOOL Horsham West Sussex"Bitten. Kings LANGLEY SCHOOL Kings Langley Hertfordshire"Who Cares?!" The official figure of young carers in the UK is 175,000 but this doesn?t take into consideration those looking after someone with a drug/alcohol dependency or mental illness Often seen as ?copers? they learn practical and caring skills at an early age However they are ordinary young people with the same emotional needs as others their age MARK RUTHERFORD UPPER SCHOOL Bedford Bedfordshire"So. St MARK'S CE PRIMARY SCHOOL Farnborough Hampshire"Lost but not forgotten - the children of war torn Sierra Leone" "If you were born in the poorest country in the world you're orphaned by civil war and you're only six and no-one helps what happens to you?"When we read this we were determined to become involved and help the lost children of Sierra Leone Our story is about war abandonment rescue love and reuniting these scattered children WYVERN PYRAMID SCHOOLS Upham Hampshire"Four Seasons in One Day" Wind rain ice sunshine we see all kinds of weather With global warming it's getting worse Climate change is caused by CO2 released into the atmosphere when we burn fossil fuels We must be more eco-friendly and care for our beautiful world or the weather may become more extreme We will see all four seasons in one day more often CREWNot yet received The LAKES SCHOOL Windermere Cumbria"Will this be the Start of Something?" A tale as old as time about a and a boy from different backgrounds A chance meeting their eyes lock and they know they need to be together Can they sort out their differences and work together? They find out they are not so different after all Will this be the start of something? ULLSWATER COMMUNITY COLLEGE Penrith Cumbria"There's no place like home" The Wizard of Oz is one of the most famous stories ever written and the most watched film in history We have developed our own version of this story entitled "There's no place like home" which we hope emphasises the importance of our school working together as a single community where we help and support one another SOUTHFIELD TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE Workington Cumbria - SHOWCASING PREMIER TEAM"When The Geese Shed Their Feathers" Regents PARK COMMUNITY COLLEGE Southampton Hampshire (Premier Team)"Welcome to the next generation" Fairy tales and story books replaced by text books and exams Playground games cancelled due to health and safety TV the internet and computer games are replacing creativity and imagination Childhood is changing What is the future for the next generation? TOTTON COLLEGE Southampton Hampshire"Deceptive Beauty" The most beautiful things in life can have an ugly side as a little finds out With harsh disregard for her grotesque creature and clown doll she favours her pretty pink doll However one stormy night love turns to fear Who will go back in the toy box and who will win a place in the little 's heart? TRINITY SCHOOL Newbury Berkshire"World. The CREW From Rock Challenge: David Beal (Stage Manager) Anthony ("Ants") Sweetman (Assistant Stage Manager) Zoie Golding (UK Producer) Tim Macfarlane (Event Manager) and Stuart MacGregor (Business Development Manager);From Tega: Tony Jennings (Lx) Ed Coupland (Fx) and Tom Mumby (followspot on Primary day);From Visions Unlimited: Simon Bishop (mix and camera 2) and Rob Morphew (roving camera 3);From The Spa: Anita (followspots) and Steve (followspot on Senior day);Volunteers: Phil Bates Sammy Eastwood Tom Gale Tanya Greene Steven Stoddart Matthew Whittingham Wendy (merchandise). Themes CENTRAL NEWCASTLE HIGH SCHOOL Newcastle on Tyne Tyne and Wear" P!NK" Behind the mascara manicured nails and Uggs there is an internal battle erupting Whether it is solitude family issues friends or a bad day it can feel like too much Pink truly shows all the problems we are faced with But in the words of P!nk herself ?So What?? We?re s after all; we?ll get through it somehow COCKERMOUTH SCHOOL Cockermouth Cumbria"eleMENTAL" Two mortals are met by goddesses and given gifts of fire and water Water accepts her gift but fire struggles to control hers After refusing Waters help Fire realises the friendship on offer will allow her to grow DALLAM SCHOOL Milnthorpe Cumbria"This is England!" Themes BRIGHTON HILL COMMUNITY COLLEGE Basingstoke Hampshire"I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur!" How would you feel about something else's blood being on your hands? How would you feel about being wrapped in a dead body? Would you kill an animal just to look good? Capturing torturing and killing animals for their fur is a cruel and violent practice one which makes us question - where does our fur come from? BRUNE PARK COMMUNITY COLLEGE Gosport Hampshire"Celebrity Wannabe's" The CREW Rock Challenge: David Beal (Stage Manager) Dan McCready and Anthony "Ant" Sweetman (Assistant Stage Managers) Tim Macfarlane (Event Manager) Stuart "Ruddy" McGregor (Business and Development Manager) and Michelle Hiller (Production Assistant);From Tega: Tony Jennings (Lx) and Ed Coupland (Fx); From Visions Unlimited: Simon Bishop (mix and Camera 2) and Rob Morphew (Camera 3); Volunteers: Steve Stoddart (sets and backstage) Tom Gale (runner) Wendy (merchandise) and John THEMES LINCOLN CHRIST'S HOSPITAL SCHOOL Lincoln Lincolnshire"Out of the Mouths. Hamble COMMUNITY SPORTS COLLEGE Southampton Hampshire"Just a little bit of history repeating!" The Washington Post quoted - Anyone who says we're in recession or heading into one especially the worst since the Great Depression is making up his own definition of recession!! - Wasn't that what they said before The Wall Street Crash 1929? 80 years later have we learnt our lesson or is it just a little bit of history repeating HEADINGTON SCHOOL Oxfordshire Oxfordshire"Crime and Punishment" The CITY OF PORTSMOUTH S SCHOOL Portsmouth Hampshire"" Theme not submitted at time of printing YATELEY SCHOOL A PERFORMING ARTS COLLEGE Yateley Hampshire"I need. Wildern SCHOOL Southampton Hampshire"The Year I. Oathall COMMUNITY COLLEGE Haywards Heath West Sussex"Operation Pied Piper"September 1939 Nearly 3 million people were evacuated from cities in danger from enemy bombs to safety in the countryside Most were school children labelled like luggage unaware of where they were going or when they would return Facing the trauma of separation the Nation was urged by Churchill to unite and strive towards victory 'whatever the cost may be' ORIEL HIGH SCHOOL Crawley West Sussex"Origins" The Fish swam out of the ocean grew legs and they started walking The Apes climbed down from the trees grew tall and started talking 2009 is the 200th & 150th Anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth and book 'The Origin of Species' Our how one man believed we became the way we are! QUEEN ELIZABETH II SILVER JUBILEE SCHOOL Horsham West Sussex"Your World Your Choice" The NATIONAL CHURCH OF ENGLAND JUNIOR SCHOOL Grantham Lincolnshire"Step in Time" 2009 is our school's 150th BIRTHDAY ! It was founded by the church way back in 1859 ! Many many pupils have stepped through its doors and gone on to achieve great things just like we are hoping to do Sit back and let us take you through the pages of history as we "Step in time" through the decades ROPSLEY CE PRIMARY SCHOOL Ropsley Grantham (NEW SCHOOL)"The Power of Friendship" Good evening and welcome to our performance which is about bullying and how it affects children Tonight we will show you that the power of friendship is stronger than any bully The performance contains three songs that we feel will help portray our important message We hope we get our point across and you enjoy watching us SPITALGATE C OF E PRIMARY SCHOOL Grantham Lincolnshire"Under. Nicholas BREAKSPEAR CATHOLIC SCHOOL St Albans Hertfordshire"Labels are for Clothes" Every week the media report about anti social teenage behaviour how teenagers are less clever than they were fifty years ago and sadly how a knife crime culture is sweeping over our towns and cities We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the side to us that we don't see PARMITER'S SCHOOL Nr Watford Hertfordshire"What Screen Eyes You Have!" We have created a modern rendition of the much loved classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood to highlight the dangers of the internet In cyberspace people may not be who they claim to be consequently not all meetings end happily ever after SIR HENRY FLOYD GRAMMAR SCHOOL Aylesbury Buckinghamshire"Love Poem" Themes SHELDON HEATH COMMUNITY ARTS COLLEGE Birmingham"Territory" Our piece is about Territory your space my space who belongs where? And what if you want to be someone different? Don't be afraid of the unexpected! You never know what?s waiting for you SPRINGWELL COMMUNITY SCHOOL Chesterfield Derbyshire"Realisation" Selfish What do they mean selfish? You see Vanessa was a spoilt and had just about every toy she had ever wanted but USED AND ABUSED them That all changed they took charge treated her like she had treated them put HER where she belongs They had rebelled! Selfish they called her now she knew what they meant THE BOLSOVER SCHOOL Chesterfield Derbyshire"Outa Limits" Themes THE GILES SCHOOL - SPECIALIST IN VISUAL ARTS Boston Lincs (NEW SCHOOL)"What are we doing to our world ?" The widespread increase in violence in our world today is something that we are very concerned about whether it be knife crime terrorism or the results of drug abuse We aim to symbolise what will happen if the problems are not addressed a world in chaos ! GLEED S' TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE Spalding Lincolnshire"Women Through The Ages (Emily Pankhurst Story)" Ryde HIGH SCHOOL WITH UPPER CHINE Ryde Isle of Wight"" Theme not submitted at time of printing THE WAVELL SCHOOL Farnborough Hampshire Premier Showcasing Team"Tears. Hornsea COMMUNITY PRIMARY SCHOOL Hornsea East Riding of Yorkshire"Join Us" In this big world we can easily feel isolated and alone Whilst we value individuality we aspire to live in harmony Our story travels across the continents exploring cultural differences from Asia to Africa to America and Europe However there is one thing that unites us friendship We invite you and "absolutely everybody" to "Join Us" HOWDEN JUNIOR SCHOOL Howden East Riding of Yorkshire"The. St PAUL'S C OF E PRIMARY SCHOOL Kings Langley Hertfordshire "Pandora's Box" Our theme is based on the story 'Pandora's Box' To represent the horrible disasters coming out of the box we thought about the things that worried us most We chose: pollution bullying poverty street crime greed and war Then through the despair blossoms 'Hope' to help mend evils and bring happiness We end with a celebration! LAURANCE HAINES PRIMARY SCHOOL Watford Hertfordshire (Showcasing Junior Team)"Balanced" Stainburn SCHOOL AND SCIENCE COLLEGE Workington Cumbria"From Slums to Samba - The different faces of Brazil" Crookhorn COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY Waterlooville Hampshire"Game On - Game Over" Technology has changed the way we play and the time in which we have to play hugely over the last 100 years We take a whistle stop tour through the development of computer games and the ever increasing danger that it is not just us playing the game but the game playing us in return GREAT OAKS SCHOOL Southampton Hampshire"Global Diversity" Our performance is all about our world It is colourful and exciting with lots of different people and cultures To get the out of our world we have to open our eyes to the colours and our ears to the sounds Our main character learns to do that in this performance PERINS SCHOOL Alresford Hampshire"Signs. Themes BOROUGHBRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL Boroughbridge North Yorkshire"Celebrity Circus" Celebrity Culture from Bollywood to Hollywood has an enormous impact on young people influencing their aspirations their behaviour and what they wear This explores the glamour of celebrity culture the media's influence on the stars and how it can make break manipulate and continually re-invent performing artists CANON LEE SPECIALIST ARTS COLLEGE York"Walk a Mile in Someone's Shoes" Themes ANDREW MARVELL BUSINESS AND ENTERPRISE COLLEGE Hull (Showcasing Premier Team)"The Question of Creation" For many years creation of the universe and existence has been questioned We aim to delve further into that question and explore both sides of the argument - Science versus Religion! We use the circle as a motif throughout the piece to aid the idea of life and existence being a continuum with perhaps no beginning and no end!?! KINGSWOOD COLLEGE OF ARTS Hull"Our School Musical" Rachel MADOCKS AND PARK COMMUNITY SCHOOLS Waterlooville Hampshire"Redemption" If people say you are evil does this mean that you have no good in you at all? Do the actions of those around you make you the same as them? Can we look past this image and see the true person inside? Can people change? SANDOWN HIGH SCHOOL Sandown Isle of Wight"Cursed" Jealous eyes breed wicked actions Denied Beauty's heart the evil Warlock's mind cracks and curses fly Drawn to the mysterious forest destiny brings Beauty and her once-handsome suitor together once more and plans are forged before bewitched eyes Will the Warlock learn that love cannot be conjured? Where does the real beast lie? STAUNTON COMMUNITY SPORTS COLLEGE Havant Hampshire"" Theme not submitted at time of printing THE CATHEDRAL SCHOOL Llandaff Cardiff"" Winifred HOLTBY SCHOOL TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE Hull"Wild. Testwood SPORTS COLLEGE Southampton Hampshire"The Death of David Jones" It's 1984 and Margaret Thatcher announces the closure of all non-profitable mines Thousands of jobs are lost Arthur Scargill starts a national strike an unofficial national strike Communities are torn apart as blacklegs and scabs battle on the picket line riot police sandwiched in-between Charging hitting kicking and throwing; will the rule of law prevail over the rule of mob? WILDERN SCHOOL Southampton Hampshire"Storm of Lost Souls" A Modern Day Parable Noah a reporter on the Wildern Daily News is disgusted by the wilful destruction of his town and is unsurprised when the rains begin to fall Warnings are given of stormy weather and heavy flooding Noah alias Superman builds a modern day equivalent of the ark and patiently they wait for a sunny day!. St ANNE'S CATHOLIC SCHOOL Southampton Hampshire"Life's a Lottery" I've won!! As the credit crunch bites deeper a young becomes a lottery winner Will she gamble it all or splash out on Dior and diamonds invest in the banks or will the guilt of having so much money when everyone is struggling to survive lure her into giving it all to charity? Can she decide? Could you? SOLENT MIDDLE SCHOOL Cowes Isle of Wight"" Theme not submitted at time of printing THE HENRY CORT COMMUNITY COLLEGE Fareham Hampshire"Lost But Not Forgotten" Netherhall SCHOOL SPECIALIST SPORTS COLLEGE Maryport Cumbria"STANDBY" Who is controlling the MEDIA? Is it the MEDIA BOSSES or is it the INSATIABLE PUBLIC? Are we being remotely controlled or are we controlling the FAME CELEBRITY SCANDAL and SPIN? We endeavour to explore the power of the PAPARAZZI and to learn how to ?CRITICALLY ANALYSE? in order to filter the TRUTH from the HYPE ST JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL Workington Cumbria"UNITED AS A KINGDOM" In Hesiod and most other accounts Theseus abandoned Ariadne sleeping on Naxos and Dionysus rediscovered and wedded her In a few versions of the myth,[6] Dionysus appeared to Theseus as they sailed away from Crete saying that he had chosen Ariadne as his wife and demanding that Theseus leave her on Naxos for him; this has the effect of absolving the Athenian culture-hero of desertion The vase-painters of Athens often showed Athena leading Theseus from the sleeping Ariadne to. Crewno details THEMES BRIDGEMARY COMMUNITY SPORTS COLLEGE Gosport Hampshire"" Theme not submitted at time of printing KING EDMUND COMMUNITY SCHOOL Yate South Gloucestershire"The Grass Isn't Always Greener " Following arguments with his parents Alex runs away and finds himself on the streets A chance encounter with a mysterious stranger leads him to become captivated by the apparent glitz and glamour of a travelling circus However it's not long before he begins to realise that first impressions can be deceptive and the grass isn't always greener MARY ROSE SCHOOL Portsmouth Hampshire"One World One Vision" Themes ALL SAINTS' C OF E PRIMARY SCHOOL W hetstone London"The Wooden Boy" "The Wooden Boy" Is a story about a wooden boy who was made special and was giving life and wants to be like the rest of the toy pack but there's a group of bullies that don't allow him to fit in because he seems different from them BOWES PRIMARY SCHOOL New Southgate London"Fist of Tears" Year 6 have worked extremely hard in all areas of this production This is story about soldiers and civilians As both sides try to claim the land a fierce battle takes place Who will triumph? Will peace prevail? BRINDISHE PRIMARY SCHOOL Lee Green London"Please don't stop. Themes ALL SAINTS' CE VC JUNIOR SCHOOL Hessle East Riding of Yorkshire"Creation" The universe is a dark void From this darkness comes the four elements: fire water earth and air The power to create worlds is theirs but they are distracted as they compete to see which is the most powerful Only when they work in harmony do they accomplish their greatest creation Our story begins with the birth of all things HALLGATE PRIMARY SCHOOL Cottingham East Riding of Yorkshire"Why Should I Listen ?" Matthew HUMBERSTONE SCHOOL Cleethorpes North East Lincolnshire"Blood Diamond" We highlight the plight of the Africans forced to mine diamonds by rebel militias The diamonds are traded illegally and the money is used to buy weapons that cause further misery Some of the diamonds find their way into the legitimate market but would customers be so happy if they knew that the stones had been paid for in blood ? NORTH KESTEVEN SCHOOL Lincoln Lincolnshire"Choose" The single clenched fist lifted and ready Or the open asking hand held out and waiting Choose: for we meet by one or the other TRENT VALLEY ACADEMY Gainsborough Lincolnshire"Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" Settle COLLEGE Settle North Yorkshire"Trippin" Settle College is proud to present 'Trippin' We tell the story about a young couple that gets pressurised into taking drugs The performance then progresses to show the evening from the eyes of the intoxicated couple A wide range of styles have been used from street to ballet to portray the moving story that ends in a tragedy SHELLEY COLLEGE Huddersfield West Yorkshire"It's the children who suffer" What happened before the bell? School life is normal for most kids however life is not that simple for some Books and equipment are not the only baggage some kids bring to school and often behind a face there can be turmoil emptiness and heartbreak With help we can turn away with hopes and dreams we do believe!!! THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL AT LEEDS Alwoodley Leeds"The Olympic Torch: Hypocrisy. Monk's WALK SCHOOL Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire"Knife and Death" Knife and Death In a society where the status of knives is promoted and encouraged by The Media we explore a teenager's struggle with her home-life leading her to look for a sense of belonging in all the wrong places Instead she finds judgement violence and death along the way Where did it all go wrong? Is it too late to change? NORTH HERTS COLLEGE Stevenage Hertfordshire - No show RICKMANSWORTH SCHOOL Rickmansworth Hertfordshire"Orpheus Descending" Themes BANFF ACADEMY Banff Aberdeenshire"Demons of Alcohol" A teenage boy who faces a troublesome home life with an alcoholic mother who strives to escape the demons that entices her towards alcohol Running away from home Martin is torn to take a different path and in the turmoil he almost loses his life Will a happy ending emerge ?? NORTHFIELD ACADEMY Aberdeen Aberdeenshire"Angels and Devils - Opposites Attract" Two rival gangs are fighting - the Angels and the Devils The Angels are trying to save the Devils before they are hurt or killed by their inappropriate behaviour PETERHEAD ACADEMY Peterhead Aberdeenshire"Written In. Kelvin HALL SCHOOL Hull"

Downside MIDDLE SCHOOL JUNIORS Newport Isle of Wight"The Quest" Long long ago in Ancient Greece the gods who lived on Mount Olympus decided destinies of ordinary mortals One such brave soldier was sent on a quest to save the life of an imprisoned beautiful princess Would the gods be kind and help him or would they watch him lead his men to death? ST WINIFRED'S SCHOOL Southampton Hampshire"PERSEUS in US" Our is about a famous Greek Hero who had to make some difficult choices in his dangerous adventures Ancient Greek gods tried to influence his choices We children today 'US' also have people trying to influence us about our lifestyles In our we look for the hero in us the PERSEUS in US FOREST EDGE SCHOOL Southampton Hampshire"A Night at the Pantomime" Miltoncross SCHOOL Portsmouth Hampshire"R_FRENDZ_ELEKTRIK_?" FridayMy dayStart of the weekendGetting homeParents moanWish they could leave me aloneStarting up Logging inOnline Is my time To be meWith my friendsMy e meAdd meOne-to-oneWe're having can IKnow it's you?Online offlineI can't pickSo whyAre friends electric? PORTSMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL FOR S Portsmouth Hampshire"Under Pressure" Do you have a mum who does her to look after you and your family? Is she trying to hold down a good job too? Does she feel under pressure to look like those women in the magazines; slim well groomed and stylish? Our looks at the pressures women are under in today's society PRIESTLANDS SCHOOL Lymington Hampshire Showcasing Premier Team"Morphaliena" St MARY'S RC PRIMARY SCHOOL Grantham Lincolnshire"A tribute to felines around. Sythwood PRIMARY SCHOOL Woking Surrey"There's more than one side to every argument" Some people think that bio fuels produced from food crops are the answer to the world's fuel crisis However destroying the rainforests in order to grow these crops means that many species are in danger of extinction Another issue is that 16,000 children die each day from starvation So should we be growing crops for food or bio fuels? LOVE LANE COMMUNITY PRIMARY SCHOOL Cowes Isle of Wight"Those Who Are About to We Salute You" The LINDSEY SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY ARTS COLLEGE Cleethorpes North East Lincolnshire"" Not yet WITHERNSEA HIGH SCHOOL Withernsea East Riding of Yorkshire"The Crucible" In 1692 nineteen innocent men and women were hanged for witchcraft Four others died in jail as they awaited trial How did a village get caught up in such madness? Enter a world very different from our own and discover the fears struggles and beliefs of everyday people in Salem HORNSEA SCHOOL AND LANGUAGE COLLEGE Hornsea East Riding of Yorkshire (Premier Team)"" Theme not submitted in time for inclusion LONGCROFT SCHOOL AND PERFORMING ARTS COLLEGE Beverley East Riding of Yorkshire (Premier Team)"Spirit of the Nation" Lister COMMUNITY SCHOOL Plaistow London"Hands On" Hand gestures express emotions Their meanings may vary from culture to culture but we must never underestimate their importance."Learn my languageMy Beautiful native languageHear my handsHear my music and storyLearn my languageSpeak to me with your hands"S BrooksCan you think of a gesture you used today? QUEEN ELIZABETH'S S' SCHOOL Barnet Hertfordshire"The Ina City Part 1 - "Lost in a mask"" Explores the real inside feelings of different characters from different parts of a city life and how one can get caught up in it and end up losing their identity Not everything is as it seems It's easy to be busy and put a smile on your face like everything's fine but what happens when you're alone? ST COLUMBA'S CATHOLIC BOYS' SCHOOL Bexleyheath Kent"Not Suitable For Children"

Cottingham HIGH SCHOOL Cottingham East Riding of Yorkshir"The Journey" Let us take you on a journey where a twist of fate gives us a glimpse of what may lie beyond life Is our destiny already mapped out or do the choices we make determine our fate ? HEADLANDS SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY SCIENCE COLLEGE Bridlington East Riding of Yorkshire"In Deep Water" Our piece explores the effects of climate change on our society in recent years - changeable weather and devastating flooding Our vision become more futuristic as earth freezes over in a type of ice age The message ? We must open our eyes to the threat of climate change and work together to combat it otherwise we are truly "In Deep Water" HOWDEN SCHOOL AND TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE Howden East Riding of Yorkshire"Would you be Tempted ?" Themes BUTTERSHAW BUSINESS AND ENTERPRISE COLLEGE Bradford West Yorkshire (Premier Team)"The Kiss" Entwined and entangled this fairytale begins The forest was their haven before revealing its sins Go through the door to darkness the lovers each other they miss Can they reach out to each other for one last kiss ? HAYCLIFFE SCHOOL Bradford West Yorkshire"Home Sweet Home?! !" Lost? No way home? Let Dorothy and her many friends new and old guide you through our mystical adventure to find a way home So with a Fe Fi Fo Fum let's follow the yellow brick road with a smile and three magical taps there's no place like home Or is there? LAWNSWOOD SCHOOL Leeds West Yorkshire"Five Bites of the. Newsome HIGH SCHOOL AND SPORTS COLLEGE Huddersfield West Yorkshire"Revenge (Based on Kill Bill Vol 1)" This piece has been loosely based on the Quentin Tarantino film Kill Bill Volume One Some people believe revenge is sweet others believe it is a dish better served cold ROYDS SCHOOL SPECIALIST LANGUAGE COLLEGE Leeds West Yorkshire"Salem's Sorcerer" Come with us to Salem Massachusetts 1692 Fanatics in Salem Village rivalry with nearby Salem Town a smallpox epidemic threats from warring tribes and belief in the devil conspired to breed fear suspicion and mistrust Belief in supernatural powers of torture often sealed the fate of the accused Follow the story of two young s are they witches or bewitched? ST PAUL'S CATHOLIC SCHOOL Leicester Leicestershire"Vesuvius Erupting" Themes CHARLES DARWIN SCHOOL Biggin Hill Kent"" Theme not submitted at time of printing COOPERS TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE Chistlehurst Kent"" Theme not submitted at time of printing ELIZABETH GARRETT ANDERSON LANGUAGE COLLEGE FOR S Islington London"Numb" Our explores bullying and demonstrates emotional stress that can occur from being bullied We look at two different peoples stories involving cyber bullying jealousy and peer pressure Will they be left with hope from real friends that support them or will they be left feeling numb? LAMBETH ACADEMY Clapham London"" Theme not submitted at time of printing STOCKLEY ACADEMY Hillingdon Middlesex""

Colsterworth CE PRIMARY SCHOOL Grantham Lincolnshire"We Are Australia" Aboriginals believe when Earth was new-born it was without any features or life No waking time no sleeping time Time split apart Dreamtime emerged From the waterholes Ancestors arose singing their way around the world Australia remained an Aboriginal nation until the arrival of transported prisoners from England The determination of these early settlers forged the spirit of modern Australia THE GRANTHAM PREPARATORY SCHOOL Grantham Lincolnshire"One World"