Secret Diary of a Call Girl Belle de Jour Anonymous

In 2007 Belle's blogs nd books were dpted into television progrmme < href="/wiki/Secret_____" title="Secret ">Secret strring < href="/wiki/Billie_Piper" title="Billie Piper">Billie Piper s Belle with the rel nme < href="/wiki/Hnnh_Bxter" title="Hnnh Bxter">Hnnh Bxter In November 2009 fering her rel identity ws bout to come out Mgnnti reveled her rel nme nd occuption s child helth scientist She entered university t the ge 16 going on to receive B.S in 1996 from < href="/wiki/Florid_Stte_University" title="Florid Stte University">Florid Stte University Relocting to the United Kingdom Mgnnti studied for mster's degree in < href="/wiki/Genetic_epidemiology" title="Genetic epidemiology">genetic epidemiology nd Ph.D in < href="/wiki/Forensic_science" title="Forensic science">forensic science from the < href="/wiki/University__Sheffield" title="University Sheffield">University Sheffield in Englnd.< href="#cite_note-7">[7]< href="#cite_note-8">[8] Mgnnti's PhD thesis wrded from the < href="/wiki/University__Sheffield" title="University Sheffield">University Sheffield Deprtment < href="/wiki/Forensic_Pthology" clss="mw-redirect" title="Forensic Pthology">Forensic Pthology ws entitled Mcrobioinformtics: the ppliction informtics methods to records humn remins It ws submitted in September 2003 nd the degree ws wrded in 2004.< href="#cite_note-43">[43] fter moving to London nd while blogging s Belle de Jour she lso worked s computer progrmmer in < href="/wiki/Cheminformtics" title="Cheminformtics">cheminformtics t < href="/wiki/Discovery_Net" title="Discovery Net">InforSense.< href="#cite_note-44">[44] She blogged bout this creer t Cosms.< href="#cite_note-45">[45] From November 2005 until My 2006 Mgnnti contributed regulr column in < href="/wiki/The_Sundy_Telegrph" title="The Sundy Telegrph">The Sundy Telegrph.< href="#cite_note-32">[32] Since her identity hd been reveled she hs written bout UK libel lws nd their effect on science for < href="/wiki/The_Gurdin" title="The Gurdin">The Gurdin's website < href="/wiki .uk" clss="mw-redirect" title=" .uk">Comment Is Free.< href="#cite_note-33">[33]< href="#cite_note-34">[34] Her published s the nonymous blog Belle de Jour: London becme incresingly populr s specultion surrounded the identity Belle de Jour Remining nonymous Mgnnti went on to hve her experiences published s < href="/wiki/The_Intimte_dventures___London__" title="The Intimte dventures London ">The Intimte dventures London in 2005 nd The Further dventures London in 2006 Her first two books were UK top 10 best-sellers in the nonfiction hrdbck nd nonfiction pperbck lists. The third series begn brodcsting in the UK nd North meric in Jnury 2010 The fourth nd finl series strted brodcsting in the UK on ITV2 in Februry 2011. Mgnnti went on to work s biosttisticin in the < href="/wiki/Newcstle_University" title="Newcstle University">Newcstle University Peditric nd Lifecourse Epidemiology Reserch Group (PLERG),< href="#cite_note-46">[46] reserching possible link between the occurrence thyroid cncer in under-25s in NE Englnd nd rdioiodine fllout exposure from < href="/wiki/Chernobyl" title="Chernobyl">Chernobyl in Ukrine.< href="#cite_note-47">[47] Sorry we just need to mke sure you're not robot For best results plese mke sure your browser is ccepting cookies. Brooke Mgnnti (born 5 November 1975)< href="#cite_note-1">[1] is n mericn-born nturlised British< href="#cite_note-Britishcitizen-2">[2] former reserch scientist blogger nd writer who until her identity ws reveled in November 2009 ws known by the pen nme Belle de Jour.< href="#cite_note-times-3">[3] While completing her doctorl studies between 2003 nd 2004 Mgnnti supplemented her income by working s London < href="/wiki/_" title=" "> known by the working nme Tro.< href="#cite_note-4">[4]

Born in the United Sttes to n < href="/wiki/Itlin_mericn" clss="mw-redirect" title="Itlin mericn">Itlin mericn fther nd < href="/wiki/Jewish_mericn" clss="mw-redirect" title="Jewish mericn">Jewish mericn mother,< href="#cite_note-Telg9202285-5">[5] Mgnnti ws born nd grew up in < href="/wiki/Clerwter,_Florid" title="Clerwter Florid">Clerwter Florid.< href="#cite_note-Telg9202285-5">[5] She grduted from the privte < href="/wiki/Clerwter_Centrl_Ctholic_High_School" title="Clerwter Centrl Ctholic High School">Clerwter Centrl Ctholic High School where she ws nmed < href="/wiki/Ntionl_Merit_Scholrship_Progrm" title="Ntionl Merit Scholrship Progrm">Ntionl Merit Scholr in 1992.< href="#cite_note-6">[6] He: "So why do you do this?" Me: "I'm not sure I hve n nswer to tht." "There must be something tht you t lest tell yourself." "Well perhps I'm the sort person pt to do something for no good reson other thn I cn't think reson not to." “ ” The Intimte dventures London Ccording to < href="/wiki/The_Gurdin" title="The Gurdin">The Gurdin fellow British blogger guessed her identity in 2003 but kept it secret He mde pge on his blog contining the < href="/wiki/Googlewhck" title="Googlewhck">googlewhck Belle de Jour nd Brooke Mgnnti tht llowed him to see if nyone googled the two nmes In 2009 he identified IP ddresses originting from < href="/wiki/ssocited_Newsppers" clss="mw-redirect" title="ssocited Newsppers">ssocited Newsppers tht hd ccessed the pge t which point he contcted Mgnnti to lert her.< href="#cite_note-13">[13] round the sme time tbloid reporters hd been escorted from the hospitl where she worked for breking into her fice.< href="#cite_note-Mgnnti-14">[14] Mgnnti's publisher < href="/wiki/Orion_Books" clss="mw-redirect" title="Orion Books">Orion Books printed her first two books s prt its "Non Fiction/Memoir" line.< href="#cite_note-29">[29] Her third book ws clssified s fiction nd represents fictionl continution from the first two Her books hve been published in the UK US Portugl Spin Sloveni Frnce Netherlnds Sweden Germny Itly Czech Republic Romni Russi. In 2012 Mgnnti ws selected s mbssdor for the < href="/wiki/Inverness" title="Inverness">Inverness < href="/wiki/Whisky" title="Whisky">Whisky Festivl< href="#cite_note-39">[39] nd ws mbssdor for the festivl's gin section in 2015.< href="#cite_note-40">[40] Mgnnti long with < href="/wiki/Tobis_Hill" title="Tobis Hill">Tobis Hill cted s judge for Fleeting Mgzine's 2012 Six-Word Short Story Prize.< href="#cite_note-41">[41] She ws interviewed on Hrdtlk on the BBC in October.< href="#cite_note-42">[42] Since 2012 she hs been contributing blogger to < href="/wiki/The_Dily_Telegrph" title="The Dily Telegrph">The Dily Telegrph. Mgnnti is mrried nd used to live in < href="/wiki/Lochber" title="Lochber">Lochber in the < href="/wiki/Scottish_highlnds" clss="mw-redirect" title="Scottish highlnds">Scottish highlnds.< href="#cite_note-Telg9202285-5">[5]< href="#cite_note-62">[62] She becme < href="/wiki/British_citizen" clss="mw-redirect" title="British citizen">British citizen in 2013,< href="#cite_note-Britishcitizen-2">[2] nd moved bck to the United. Welcome to the wiki We’re collbortive community website bout your topic tht nyone including you cn edit Click the edit button t the top ny pge to get strted! Describe your topic< href="/wiki/Secret______Wiki?ction=edit∓section=2" title="Edit Describe your topic section">Edit Write description bout your topic Let your reders know wht your topic is bout nd dd some generl informtion. Writing on her blog on the dy the reveltion Mgnnti stted: It feels so much better on this side Not to hve to tell lies hide things from the people I cre bout To be ble to defend wht my experience sex work is like to ll the sceptics nd doubters nonymity hd purpose then - it will lwys hve reson to exist for writers whose work is too dmging or too controversil to put their nmes on< href="#cite_note-Belle_de_Jour_drops_her_nonymity-20">[20] In erly 2012 Mgnnti published non-fiction populr science book under her rel nme entitled The Sex Myth It covered topics in sexulity studies nd sociologicl reserch in the effects dult entertinment nd.

In 2011 Brooke Mgnnti published sttisticl re-nlysis criticising the Lilith Report on Lp Dncing nd Striptese in the Borough Cmden,< href="#cite_note-55">[55] study which hd climed tht sexul crimes incresed fter the opening < href="/wiki/Lp_dnce" title="Lp dnce">lp dncing venues in the re; the nlysis showed this ws not the cse The independent London newspper the Cmden New Journl highlighted Mgnnti's criticism the Lilith findings.< href="#cite_note-56">[56] Spokesperson for Bristol University stted "This spect Dr Mgnnti's pst is not relevnt to her current role t the university" while her publisher sid "It's courgeous decision for Belle de Jour to come forwrd with her true identity nd we support her decision to do so".< href="#cite_note-Belle_de_Jour_drops_her_nonymity-20">[20] In June 2011 n ex-boyfriend issued libel writ ginst The Sundy Times for clim defmtion cused by his mention in the pper The writ filed by Flight Lieutennt Owen Morris< href="#cite_note-63">[63] < href="/wiki/RF_Lossiemouth" title="RF Lossiemouth">RF Lossiemouth climed tht following her outing he ws identified s her former boyfriend nd therefore mentions his hrssment in the rticles hd been dmging even though they did not mention him by nme.< href="#cite_note-64">[64] The Sundy Times printed n pology in Februry 2012,< href="#cite_note-65">[65] followed by < href="/wiki/The_Week" title="The Week">The Week who greed to py dmges.< href="#cite_note-66">[66] In 2016 her first thriller The Turning Tide ws published in the UK It ttrcted positive reviews with The Gurdin listing it mong the best recent crime novels< href="#cite_note-30">[30] nd The Times noting "Mgnnti's writing is lively nd entertining When her victims re lid out on tht slb her unspekbly detiled descriptions re good enough to put the wind up < href="/wiki/Ptrici_Cornwell" title="Ptrici Cornwell">Ptrici Cornwell." < href="#cite_note-31">[31]

Photos nd videos re gret wy to dd visuls to your wiki Find videos bout your topic by exploring Wiki's < href=" .com/wiki/" clss="extiw" title="w:c:video">Video Librry Reviewing for < href="/wiki/The_Observer" title="The Observer">The Observer < href="/wiki/Ctherine_Hkim" title="Ctherine Hkim">Ctherine Hkim wrote "Mgnnti fers pretty shrp nlysis sexul politics: who fbrictes the myths nd why the role both rightwing nd leftwing medi in building up morl pnics the vst sums obtined by the pressure groups tht prit from them nd more recently too by the phrmceuticl compnies tht pln to prit from newly invented sexul diseses."< href="#cite_note-53">[53] It drew less fvourble review from < href="/wiki/Julie_Bindel" title="Julie Bindel">Julie Bindel who writes Mgnnti's book "I disgree with just bout everything she hs to sy".< href="#cite_note-54">[54] Reviews the books compred her writing to the works < href="/wiki/Mrtin_mis" title="Mrtin mis">Mrtin mis nd < href="/wiki/Nick_Hornby" title="Nick Hornby">Nick Hornby,< href="#cite_note-26">[26] nd she frequently quotes from the poems < href="/wiki/Philip_Lrkin" title="Philip Lrkin">Philip Lrkin Themes the blog nd books focus on isoltion nd < href="/wiki/Person_(psychology)" title="Person (psychology)">persone "Solitude s much s sex propels these books Belle's prickly disbelief in ny lsting togetherness picks up n lmost existentil heft."< href="#cite_note-27">[27] She writes in Plying the Gme "it's not ll bout the sex - never hs been - it's bout the hert drkness."< href="#cite_note-28">[28]